Apple Card Knife
Many already know that Apple has begun issuing titanium cards for shopping at locations where contactless payment is not accepted, but this is not ordinary card, as it has no card number, CVV security code, expiration date, or even a signature area. However, the logos on the card are engraved, and the cardholder’s name is printed. This means that with a little work, you could technically turn this into a functional knife. Read more for a video of someone doing just that.

Jay Leno DeLorean Hovercraft
Matt Riese built the world’s first and only DeLorean hovercraft, but it really hasn’t taken off on social media, that is until now. It will be featured on an upcoming episode of Jay Leno’s Garage and so far, Riese has spent $45,000 on the project. This would make sense because a previous eBay auction for this hovercraft at $45,000 fell through at the last minute. Read more for a video and additional information.

DeLorean DMC-12 Florida Hurricane
Photo credit: DMC Florida
Did you know that only one of two DeLorean prototypes still exist today? Prototype 1 was sold for $37,000 at a bankruptcy auction in 1984 and remained in a private collection until 2005 when it was sold to the owner of DeLorean Motor Company of Florida (DMCFL) where it received a complete restoration. With that said, DeLorean Motor Company Florida had to make sure their facility is ready for Hurricane Dorian, which explains why it’s currently packed with dozens of DMC-12 cars. Read more for another picture and additional information.

Cook Pizza 5000W LED Lights
Sure, using a wood-fired oven, microwave, or even a gas grill might be the easiest way to cook a pizza, but what if you were to stick a pie under 5000W LED lights? That’s exactly what “Beyond the Press” wanted to try with their latest experiment. That’s right, they decided to use extremely powerful water-cooled LED lights that output around 2000 watts of pure visible light. Read more for the video and additional information.

Apple Card Case
Apple recently released a guide on how to care for your titanium Apple Card, and how to safely store it so it doesn’t get damaged. Yes, even simply place it in your wallet can damage the surface, or if it “comes into contact with hard surfaces or materials, it’s possible that the coating can be damaged,” according to Apple. That has opened the flood gates for companies looking to cash in, with Singapore-based Gray being one of them. Read more to see their $900+ case for the card.

AirPods 18K AirGolds
Next-generation AirPods may come in different colors, but jeweler Pablo Cimadevila just couldn’t wait. So, he transformed a standard pair of AirPods into 18K AirGolds. Not just gold plating, he actually melted 18-karat gold, took apart a pair of existing AirPods, and then placed the innards directly into the new gold casing. As you can see, they were inserted back into the charging case, though there’s no indication on whether if they still charge normally. Read more for a video of the entire process and additional information.

China Yutu-2 Lunar Rover Gel Far Side Moon
China recently had to stop their exploration of the moon’s far side after their Yutu-2 rover discovered a mysterious gel-like substance with an “unusual colour”, according to the scientists. It was found in a small crater, and so far, they believe it’s melted glass from a meteor strike, but have not yet been able to confirm this. Read more for a video and additional information.

Pumice Island
The last thing you’d probably expect to see while sailing your catamaran towards Fiji in the Pacific Ocean is a 150-square-kilometer pumice island drifting towards Australia, but that’s exactly what one couple encountered. How did this bizarre phenomenon happen? Researchers are saying it was due to an underwater volcanic eruption near the island of Tonga. This pumice island reportedly spans the size of over 20,000 football fields and is several inches thick. Read more for a video and additional information.

SkyCycle Japan
No, this isn’t a roller coaster, just a pedal-powered attraction located at the Washuzan Highland amusement park in Okayama, Japan. It’s called the SkyCycle, and the ride consists of tandem bikes attached to a metal rail situated 50-feet above ground. The ride itself, aside from the height, isn’t very terrifying, but there are no safety rails, so should there be any emergencies, you’ll be required to hold on for dear life, literally. Read more for a video and additional information.

Samurai Slice Baseball
Here’s an oldie, but goodie of a real Japanese samurai using a katana sword to slice a baseball in half. Just for reference, it takes a major league baseball player around .380-seconds to react to a pitched ball thrown at 100 mph from 60-feet away. Isao Machii is standing just 30 feet away from a pitching machine yet still manages to slice a baseball in half. Read more for the video and additional information.