Million Watt Laser Tattoo Remover eBay
YouTuber “Styropyro” has been known for his high-powered laser experiments, and his latest one is no exception. He was searching for an Nd:YAG laser cavity for a future project when these tattoo removal devices on eBay caught his eye. Some of the listings claimed they had an Nd:YAG laser, but for a fraction of the cost of buying the parts separately. So, he bought one anyways since eBay offered buyer protection in case anything went wrong. Read more to see just how powerful it really is.

Nissan Skyline R32 Infinity Mirror Taillights
This 1991 Nissan Skyline R32 may not be a GTR model, but owner Steve Molans made sure his GTS-4 stood out from the rest. How so? He custom designed and manufactured a set of infinity mirror taillights for the vehicle, complete with colored LEDs, and even a Nintendo controller remote start to boot. An infinity mirror is basically when two or more parallel or nearly parallel mirrors, create a series of smaller and smaller reflections that appear to recede to infinity. Read more for a video and additional information.

Elon Musk James Bond Lotus Espirit Submarine
Back in 2013, Tesla CEO Elon Musk purchased Wet Nellie, the Lotus Esprit submarine from the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me, for a whopping $997,000. What you may not know is that initially a couple from Long Island, New York attended a blind auction in 1989 where they paid around $100 for an unclaimed storage unit. Inside that storage unit was this Lotus Esprit used in The Spy Who Loved Me. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

Kodak DC260 Digital Camera DOOM
Back in 1998, digital cameras were quite expensive to say the least, including the Kodak Digital Science DC260 Zoom, which was priced at $1,575 if the MSRP is adjusted for inflation. Featuring a 1.6-megapixel CCD image sensor, 3x optical zoom, CompactFlash storage, a 66MHz PowerPC CPU and 8MB of RAM, all running Digita OS. Read more to see just how well DOOM runs on the camera.

Ford Mustang Charger Convertible
Photo credit: Eviil SRT
What do you get when a fifth-generation Ford Mustang Convertible is converted into a makeshift Dodger Charger? This monstrosity from Texas spotted by Eviil SRT on Instagram. Simply put, they swapped out the front / rear fascias and had custom body panels fitted (fenders, etc.). There’s no word yet on if the engine has been upgraded, but considering how clean this swap looks, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a nice power boost. Read more for a picture of the rear.

Vollebak Indestructible Puffer Jacket
Vollebak’s Indestructible Puffer is touted as the “world’s strongest jacket,” and rightfully so. It’s made from 100% Dyneema, which is apparently 15x stronger than steel and 40% stronger than high-strength aramid fibres, which means it can withstand shearing, tearing, and blunt-force traumas with ease. In early tests, the mooring lines were so strong they even broke the machines meant to be testing them, and the body armor stopped bullets from a Kalashnikov. Read more for a knife test video and additional information.

2019 Beard and Mustache Championships
For those who don’t know, the World Beard and Moustache Championships is a biennial competition hosted by the World Beard and Moustache Association (WBMA), in which men with beards and moustaches display highly stylized facial hair. This year, it was held in Antwerp, Belgium, and hosted by Snorrenclub Antwerpen. The next event, in March 2021, will be hosted by the New Zealand Beard Club, since they are held every two years, on odd years only. Read more for videos of some of this year’s craziest creations.

Ice Tsunami
What happens when an ice tsunami on the Yenisei River crashes ashore in Russia? Lots of ice blocks suddenly appear. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, an ice tsunami, or ice shove, refers to a surge of ice from an ocean or large lake onto the shore. They are caused by ocean currents, strong winds, or temperature differences pushing ice onto the shore, creating piles up to 40-feet high. Read more for the video and additional information.

Meat Alternative Air Protein
Air Protein, developed by a Bay Area startup, uses NASA technology to transform carbon dioxide (CO2) into protein, similar to plants. During the 1960’s, the U.S. space agency devised a way to use CO2 as food during their extended missions, and in their research, scientists discovered a class of microbes called hydrogenotrophs capable of converting carbon dioxide into protein. The resulting powder could be used to create pastas, shakes, and now, a meat alternative. Read more for another picture and additional information.

FedEx Delivery $1500 Throw Canon Lens
Photographer Greg Riegler ordered a Canon camera lens online and expected it to be delivered promptly as usual, but to his surprise, his front door camera caught the delivery person throwing it from the lawn onto the concrete steps. Plus, the package required an adult signature so it wasn’t even supposed to be left at the door. Read more for the surveillance video and additional information.