Nissin All-In Healthy Ramen
Japan’s Nissin, most famous for their instant ramen, has come up with a new product that aims to make their noodles much healthier. It’s called “All-In Noodles,” and they basically coat the noodles with nutrient-rich cores to infuse them with 13 vitamins, 13 minerals, a nice helping of protein, as well as dietary fiber. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Woman Venomous Octopus Photo Contest
Photo credit: KIRO 7
Jamie Bisceglia from Tacoma, Washington gathered with some fishermen who had caught an octopus during a fishing derby in the Tacoma Narrows and instantly saw an opportunity for a unique picture. There was a photo contest being held in the derby, and so she placed the octopus on her face and posed, before it unexpectedly bit her on the face. Read more for the video news report and additional information.

Amazon Tiny House Movement
For $9,990, you can now buy a DIY tiny house kit online that can be assembled in just a few days. It’s called the Allwood Arlanda XL, and once built, you’ll have a total floor area of 227-square-feet and an inside floor area of 193-square-feet. This may not sound like much, but for those living a minimalist lifestyle, this should be more than enough, or you can just use it as a backyard office. Product page. Read more for additional pictures and information.

W Hotel Washington Mukbang Vlogger
Photo credit: The Verge
If you’re constantly on YouTube, then the term mukbang might sound familiar, and for those who don’t know, it’s dreived from muk-ja for “eating” and bang-song for “broadcast” in Korean. It’s either a live-streamed eating show or a pre-recorded one where the host binge-eats on massive quantities of food. W Hotel in Washington, DC is now offering a $285 Sip and Slurp room service package just for that purpose, complete with a microphone and phone stand. Read more for a video and additional information.

Kid Icarus NES Attic Lost
Photo credit: Heritage Auctions via AP
Scott Amos of Reno discovered an unopened copy of Kid Icarus, a 1987 cult-classic video game, when cleaning out his attic. Initially, he thought it might be worth a few hundred dollars at best, but since this copy is unopened and was still in the bag from J.C. Penney, complete with a receipt for $38.45, the game ended up fetching a lot more at Heritage Auctions. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

ThinkTiny Smallest Laptop
Paul Klinger has just revealed his latest project, and it’s called ThinkTiny. The name is quite fitting to say the least, as this palm-sized miniature laptop computer sports a 0.96-inch display and a Lenovo ThinkPad-inspired design, complete with a TrackPoint pointing nub. It may not be fully functional, as the keyboard doesn’t work, but it does function as a simple game machine that can run classics such as Snake, Tetris, and Lunar Lander. Read more for a hands-on video and additional information.

Stretch Tank Limo
Nick Mead always wanted a tank and a stretch limousine, so what better way to combine the two than by creating the “Tank Limo”? It’s unofficially the world’s first and only road legal stretched tank that you can actually hire. One caveat: it’s only allowed to hit 20 miles per hour with rubber-padded tracks, but on private roads, the tank can hit 35 MPH without any problems. This may not sound fast, but you have to remember that it’s a 22-foot long and 8-foot wide monster weighing in at 38,580 pounds. Read more for a video and additional information.

Runaway Tire Jeep Crash New Jersey
This may appear to be a scene out of a movie, but it actually happened. The driver of a Jeep narrowly escaped serious injury after a runaway truck tire smashed into the front-end of his vehicle. Fortunately, a driver managed to capture the entire incident on camera where the large tire can be seen rolling down Route 440 in Edison, New Jersey Wednesday afternoon. The tire crossed over a concrete barrier, missed several other cars, before colliding with the Jeep. Read more for the footage.

Meteor Massachusetts East Coast
A bright meteor streaked through the night sky Wednesday, and was seen by more than 350 people across Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and other parts of the East Coast. Many homeowners who captured video footage of the phenomenon first thought it was something else entirely. The American Meteor Society compiled all the reports it received, and based on preliminary results, it appears that the meteor first entered view over the open ocean, approximately 45 miles offshore southeast of Long Island. Read more for a few of the videos that homeowners captured and additional information.

Hoverboard English Channel
Inventor Franky Zapata, a former jet ski champion, attempted to cross the stretch of water between France and England on a hoverboard, but unfortunately it ended in failure after he plunged into the sea. The journey came to an abrupt end around 11 miles after a failed refueling attempt. Fortunately, he was not injured and is expected to try it again soon. Read more for a video of the attempt and additional information.