World's Smallest Nativity Scene
Photo credit: Dalia Grybauskaitė
Lithuania’s government and researchers have created a microscopic replica of the life-sized creche located in Cathedral Square in downtown Vilnius. It’s currently the world’s smallest, and took the team about three months to complete. They first scanned the life-sized sculptures in the Cathedral Square nativity before making a digital model of the scene, which was them replicated on a smaller scale by a factor of 10,000, before 3D printers made the sculptures. “In this nanoscale, Baby Jesus is smaller than a human cell!” said the university in a statement statement. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Jet-Powered Smart Car
Rocketbilly Racing has built the world’s first jet-powered Smart car, thanks to a helicopter-sourced engine boasting 2,000 horsepower. The vehicle is a standard 2008 model that is now capable of of reaching a top speed of 220mph, thanks to a high-performance General Electric T58-GE03 gas turbine engine. Believe it or not, owner Bill Berg, has managed to keep the vehicle street-legal, and now, travels the world showing off his fiery creation. Read more to see it in-action and for additional information.

Photo Store Thieves
Photo credit: Peta Pixel
In Manchester, New Hampshire, four burglars smashed a glass door at the Hunt’s Photo and Video store just before 5 a.m. Thursday and grabbed about $50,000 worth of cameras and lenses before running out the front door, all in under a minute. “They busted through it and they just kind of shimmied through like a big doggy door. They threw in a whole bunch of bins, and they just immediately got to work. Smashed out all the glass in the cases, and one guy just jumps up on the case and starts shoveling it off into their bins from on high,” said store manager Harper Hodges. Read more to see just how quickly they made out.

Mysterious Light Northern California

Photo credit: J Rafael Cerda
A mysterious light spotted in the evening sky over Northern California has caused quite the stir on social media. Some residents in the Redding area reported seeing a circular item quickly drop in the sky about 5:35 p.m. PST yesterday (Dec. 20), shortly before the streak in the sky appeared, but the National Weather Service quickly commented on the strange phenomenon, suggesting it was probably be a meteor, and not a downed rocket or UFO. “So if the #DeltaIVHeavy launch isn’t happening until 549pm, what is that (in) the sky?,” Tweeted Anthony Wright. Read more for another video and additional information

Black Diamond Apple
At first glance, these apples may appear to be just a Photoshop trick, but they’re real and called “Black Diamond”. They are mainly grown in the mountains of Tibet, and a breed of Hua Niu apples (Chinese Red Delicious) that get their unique dark purple color from the geographical conditions of Nyingchi, in the Tibet Autonomous Region. Since the temperature fluctuations between day and night are significant, the fruits get a lot of sunlight and ultraviolet light which causes their skin to change from the deep red to dark purple. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

China Artificial Sun

Chinese scientists announced that they have developed the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST), a nuclear fusion reactor that achieved a temperature exceeding 100 million degrees Celsius in its core plasma during a four-month experiment this year, which is approximately seven times greater than the 15 million degrees Celsius interior of the sun. This breakthrough enabled researchers to study how plasma reacts at such temperatures, which could one day lead to the technology becoming a safe and reliable option for limitless, clean energy. Read more for another video of the reactor and additional information.

Lamborghini Mustang Hybrid

When Lamborghini Gallardo meets 2007 Ford Mustang and then combined into a single vehicle, this is the result. Tractorri Custom Coupe spent $700,000 on this one-of-a-kind build for the SEMA show years ago to pay tribute to Lamborghini’s beginnings as a tractor manufacturer. Despite looking like a Mustang, the bodywork is completely custom, while using Porsche 911 Turbo turn signals, steel fender flares, rocker moldings, as well as Lamborghini Gallardo taillights. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Pinecone Treehouse

Photo credit: Garna Raditya
Your eyes aren’t playing tricks, the Pinecone Treehouse by O2 Treehouse is real, and can be yours for the right price. Its located in a forest in Oakland, and features a geodesic dome shape that is constructed from steel as well as magnificent California redwood. The exterior has been fitted with multiple glazed panels to make it look like a real pinecone’s scales. Inside, you’ll find kaleidoscope-inspired symmetrical windows, a sleeping area, an indoor/outdoor bathroom and a wooden catwalk to connect both. Read more for another video tour, additional pictures and information.

Column Climber

Let’s face it, steel workers probably have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, and the ladders or lifts found at constructions sites are often safety hazards. Introducing Column Climber. This shoe attachment basically turns a steel column into a ladder, or in other words, it securely grips the flanges of the column, thanks to its high strength 514 steel construction. They’re so strong, that they can hold up to 700 pounds per foot. Unfortunately, they won’t be turning anyone into Spider-Man anytime soon. Read more for another video, additional pictures and information.

NASA Mars Audio Sounds

NASA has just released a new audio file, captured by the Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport InSight lander, which touched down on Mars just 10 days ago, of the first ever “sounds” of Martian winds on the Red Planet. The lander’s sensors captured a haunting low rumble caused by vibrations from the wind, which were estimated to being between 10 to 15 mph on December 1st, from northwest to southeast, consistent with the direction of dust devil streaks in the landing area. Read more for another video and additional information.