Kinetic Sand could quite possibly be the coolest thing you’ve never heard of, or at least for those who haven’t been to a Brookstone store. If you’re wondering why it looks exactly like the stuff at the beach, it’s because the product is made from 98% sand. Simply put, a proprietary “binding agent keeps the granules together, so you won’t find sand dunes or drifts settling around your home after” playing with it. Product page.

So you’ve seen the Vii, now watch someone demonstrate a few of its games, and the horrifically unresponsive controller. Video after the break. Click here for more pictures.

Check out this footage of the infamous console in action, delivered by our friends at Engadget Chinese. Just imagine getting together with your whole family for a round of Happy Tennis, Free Craps or Alacrity Golf, desperately trying to control the on-screen “action” with the janky Viimote

[via Engadget]