Wiimote Hack


More than just windows, these nifty virtual windows were made with plasma displays, connected to a MacBook, and can be controlled using Wiimotes. Plus, as “the viewer moves around, dual 1080p images move the opposite direction, providing the convincing illusion of looking out a real pane of glass at the incredibly detailed scenery beyond.” Videos after the break.

After spending a year figuring out how to mount, drive and cool the whole shebang, Hoagland would like you to have one too; he plans to have basic kits ready by July for under $3000.

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More than just a robot, the JAZARI is a full robo-band controlled with a pair of Wiimotes. The controllers allow creator Patrick Flanagan “to reverse the drum patterns on two drum machines, speed up one drum machine faster than the other, and do other neat tricks that alter the rhythm.” Video after the break.

His playing of one drum machine can evoke an automated response from another, so that he can go around the drum circle in a beautiful display of human-robot improvisation.

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Modder ZodTTD, best known for the iControlPad, uses a Wiimote to play a MAME game on the iPhone, thanks to the BTStack project. Unfortunately, Zod has not announced the availability of this mame4iphone version. Continue reading to watch.

This was part of the “BTStack” project, which is aiming to add a bunch of Bluetooth protocols to the iPhone that it doesn’t otherwise support.

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When not being used to control 15-ton grapples and Airsoft guns, they can also be synced with iPhones, and used for input — made possible with BTstack 0.1. The software essentially “creates device connections using the L2CAP protocol.” Video after the break.

The code is currently aimed at jailbroken devices only. It supplies a Bluetooth daemon (BTdaemon) that you access from your apps.

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At first glance, it may look like a regular Wiimote, but plug in some headphones, and it’s a fully-functional MP3 player. Though it may be an MP3 player stuffed inside the Wiimote, it’s still a conversation piece nonetheless. Continue reading for one more picture.

It’s a pretty cool idea, this notion of turning a Wii remote into a music player, but modder goteking took this to all sorts of crazy new places.

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Not your average Wiimote hack, this one utilizes Bluetooth and Python to control a 15-ton grapple, which are “impressive, elegant pieces of machinery.” Continue reading for the video.

We’ve seen the Wiimote used to control plenty of wild things, and to be perfectly honest, we’re pretty unimpressed with most of what we see these days.

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This modder shows how you can use a “wiimote and an iobridge module to control a small servo mounted coil gun — a python script and MoteDaemeon bring the events into the laptop’s domain.” Video after the break.

Sure, it doesn’t seem like the most agile weapon in the world, and he still needs to hook up the necessary trigger control, but if you mess with him and get a projectile in the eye you have only yourself to blame.

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A modder who goes by the name of “DRHECK” basically “wanted to recontextualize Nintendo’s controller by turning the sterile, white plastic into something much more natural.” Click here for first picture in gallery.

In his words, “In stark contrast with the original Wii-mote set, what was once sleek, cold, white and hard plastic has now become a slightly fuzzy, natural, warm and textured concoction.”

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Wii Remote Hack

A student at Bauhas-University in Weimar, Germany has come up with a nifty Wii Remote hack which turns it into a virtual spray can. Unfortunately, no instructions were provided on how to build your own. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Martin Lihs crammed the controller into the can-like structure and plans (hopes?) to create a communal — but not illegal — virtual graffiti wall in which people can add their digital tags and keep it real clean, yo.

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