Zune Flash


Brian Lam recently got his hands on a Zune Flash and sets to find out just how practical it really is, when compared to the iPod Nano. Click here for more pictures.

More or less – the Zune has a 1.8-inch screen vs the 2-inches on the pod. Don’t be fooled by the black border around the Zune’s screen, which makes it look bigger than it is, but to Microsoft’s credit, the black border helps the screen pop nicely

[via Gizmodo]

A Zunerama user has reportedly purchased an 8GB Zune Flash player “days before the expected official release”. Click here for more pictures.

Apparently, the player was acquired from an Office Depot in St. Louis. Ed has not had much fun time with his new player, as the device will not function without an impending firmware release

[via Gizmodo]