Miniature Photography

Zen Hoover, a 15-year-old Massachusetts-based artist, started taking pictures when he was just 8-years-old and, over the years, he has developed his skills to an impressively high level. He creates these imaginative miniature worlds by photographing regular-sized backgrounds and scenes and then shrinking his subjects down to appear miniature. To keep things looking consistent, Hoover tries to shoot everything in the same location but, or he matches lighting in post-editing as evenly as he can, sometimes drawing in shadows. Lastly, then digitally blends elements from multiple photographs together into a single, whimsical moment. Continue reading for more.

Miniature Worlds

Hoover says, “What’s really cool about shooting my pictures is that it’s a totally different world: Kids sitting on acorns; rafts made of popsicle sticks; floating down a stream on a playing card. I like putting my eye near the ground because you see a totally different world when you are thinking from the point of view of something smaller than you.”


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