Tesla Arcade Hands-On
Want to try out the new Tesla Arcade yourself, even without owning one of the company’s vehicles? Just head on over to a showroom between now and June 30th. That’s right, Beach Buggy Racing 2, which was unveiled in Los Angeles at E3 2019, can be tried out in-person, complete with steering wheel control. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, it’s “a kart racing game where you can careen, blast and launch your way through 22 tracks. Players can recruit new drivers (see if you can find our favorite) and use the steering wheel controls for the most immersive gaming experience,” according to Tesla. Read more for a hands-on video and additional information.

“But as someone who commutes via bike and hasn’t owned a vehicle since they graduated college, I can say that having a car even remotely capable of playing video games like this is certainly an appealing dream. I can certainly empathize with those who do own Teslas and want to use Tesla Arcade, or are just plain excited about a future where the modern car has as robust an app ecosystem as our smartphones do now,” said The Verge. Make a reservation here now.

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