Tesla Autopilot Full Self Driving Demo
Tesla has activated full self driving in a limited capacity, but aside from a few short tests, we haven’t seen just how advanced it really is. This feature is made possible with large neural networks for Autopilot, thanks to a Tesla-designed system on a chip that can process 2,300 frames per second (fps). This marks a 21x improvement in image processing compared to HW2.5, which is capable of 110 fps. Read more to see one vehicle navigating from San Francisco to Los Angeles without human intervention.

The latest hardware is basically a “neural network accelerator,” and each chip is capable of 36 trillion operations per second, with two chips onboard for redundancy. Elon Musk claims that full autonomy is “really a software limitation: The hardware exists to create full autonomy, so it’s really about developing advanced, narrow AI for the car to operate on.” Aside from a few snags, this long road trip went off without a hitch.

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