Tesla Cybertruck Camper
You probably already know that the Tesla Cybertruck is an all-electric, battery-powered light commercial vehicle that can tow 14,000-pounds and roughly the same size as a Ford F-150. Construction will make extensive use of titanium, while the standard all-wheel drive models are planned to start at $49,900, with a cheaper rear-wheel drive option for $39,900. Now if you aren’t a fan of the looks, this camper add-on might change your mind. Read more for an up-close look at the truck and first drive.

The standard model will feature a self-leveling suspension to compensate for variable load and have an all-wheel drive system. On-board power inverters supply both 110 and 220-Volt electricity, enabling one to use power tools without a portable generator, while an air compressor powers pneumatic tools. The driver’s seat is claimed to be large enough to comfortably seat a person as large as André the Giant and the cabin will be bulletproof to boot. The pickup is stated to have a weight around 6000 lbs and an estimated 775 horsepower.


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