The Focus Cap

Get distracted easily while on the computer? You may need a “FocusCap,” which is essentially a cap with a folding visor designed to block out peripheral vision distractions in seconds. “As we are still cavemen or mammals kept in an unnatural environment, I believe that only by reclaiming the normal, stress-free human state through simple tools and techniques we can finally unleash our actual creative potential and create our meaningful work for a brighter future,” said its designer Hannes Greblin. Continue reading for more strange inventions that actually exist.

3. Dukyana Sock Dress

Dukyana Sock Dress

Dukyana’s giant armless sock dress could quite possibly be the strangest garment ever, and it’s priced at $280 to boot. This beige mohair tube that covers the entire body from the neck down, folding over the shoulders, is apparently perfect when worn out for long walks in chilly weather. “This is a knitted straitjacket…for the winter,” said one buyer.

2. Healing Pyramids

Healing Pyramids

Dr. Alexander Golod, a Ukrainian scientist, has built numerous “healing pyramids” that he claims have the power to prevent diseases, enhance the potency of medicines, cure impotence and even control the weather. Currently over 50 pyramids exist worldwide, with a large number of them located in Russia and the Ukraine. Each one sports a PVC pipe frame covered with sheets of fiberglass to form smooth faces. They were designed to fit the Golden Section phi ratio of 1 to 1.618, a standard ratio found in nature that can be used to create beautiful, natural looking compositions.

1. Sunions Tearless Onion

Sunion Tearless Onion

Scientists have created a tearless onion called “Sunions,” and it was made possible due to anatural cross-breeding program going on in Nevada and Washington farms since the 1980s. This sweet, mild-tasting onion doesn’t leave that strong, pungent aftertaste, and most importantly, doesn’t cause one to tear up while chopping. “Sunions growers are currently working diligently with stores and supermarkets across the country to find the best locations to offer this groundbreaking product,” said a spokesperson for the growers.