When nothing but the most stylish will do when transporting your tech gear, Mission Workshop’s The Sanction rucksack is your answer. Available in four different colors, this ultra stylish $179 compact weatherproof rucksack is not only functional, but it’s made from the highest quality materials (waterproof and military spec. construction). Product page. Continue reading for our full review and hands-on pictures.


For starters, The Sanction boasts weatherproof compartments – we counted at least five, urethane coated zippers, waterproof materials, and an internal frame sheet. It just so happened that a cup of coffee happen to spill on the bag during our tests, and after cleaning things off, our 15-inch MacBook Pro inside the main compartment came out unscathed, with absolutely no water damage or seepage.

The Sanction was put to the test yet again when some of our team spent a day at the beach over the weekend. After a day of activity and excruciating heat, everything inside (iPhone, snacks, MacBook Pro, etc.) was fully protected and not a grain of sand was found inside the compartments.


We’ve tested many laptop bags / backpacks over the years, and The Sanction has definitely exceeded our expectations in build quality, style and functionality. For any mobile warriors needing a rucksack or bag, we highly recommend The Sanction – 5 out of 5 stars. Product page.

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