Limb Lengthening Surgery

Limb-lengthening surgeries are becoming more popular, despite the complications. The surgery begins with a doctor breaking the patient’s shin bones and inserting a telescopic rod into them. As the bones heal over time, the rod pulls the bones apart gradually – approximately 1mm per day – and as the bone is stretched, new bone, nerves, arteries, as well as skin, grow to fill in the gap. After about 3-months time, patients can expect to add 2-3 inches to their overall height. Continue reading for a video of someone who spent $85,000 in limb-lengthening procedures alone.

“New Jersey resident Akash Shukla, who ‘grew’ from 4-foot-11 to 5-foot-2 after undergoing the surgery. He described being under 5 foot tall as ‘a void inside me – an emptiness in my heart.’ He also defended his decision to get surgery: ‘There are people that have said, ‘just accept what God gave you.’ But, in some way, shape or form everybody is trying to alter what God gave them. If God gave kids crooked teeth, they get braces,” reports Oddity Central.