Transparent Folding Kayak

There are other transparent kayaks, but just one Napali. This 26-pound model, by Clear Blue Hawaii, is the only transparent folding kayak, complete with transparent military-grade urethane skin. It boasts an innovative carbon-kevlar frame for durability, measuring 13-feet long, 22-inches wide and 11inches deep. The kayak supports a maximum weight of 300-pounds, and can fold small enough to fit into a hiking bag. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“As a touring kayak, it is designed to travel long distances in open (and potential rough) water. Experienced kayakers will find these kayaks are easier to track in a straight line, more maneuverable in rough waters, and can go faster. It will also have more storage space than the average kayak – enough for overnight outings,” reports GearSuite