A new series of mysterious signals, known as Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs), has gotten the attention of astronomers worldwide, some of which are wondering if we’re picking up alien messages. They appear temporarily and randomly, making them not only hard to find, but hard to study as well. They’re perplexing because it’s not known what could produce such a short and sharp burst, leading some to speculate they could be anything from stars colliding to artificially created messages. Continue reading for two videos and more information.

The Daily Mail reports: “The first FRB was spotted, or rather ‘heard’ by radio telescopes, back in 2007 – but it was so temporary and seemingly random that it took years for astronomers to even agree it wasn’t a glitch in one of the telescope’s instruments. The signal, which lasted just five milliseconds, was named the Lorimer burst after its discoverer, Duncan Lorimer.The radio emission was so dispersed, experts suggested it must have come from a great distance away, possibly billions of light-years.”