Trash Sculptures

At first glance, this shark looks like a typical sculpture you’d find in a small beach town or museum, but up-close, you’ll see that his eyes, fins, as well as entire body, are made from trash collected from beaches. These pieces include: plastic, including lighters, beach shovels, toothbrushes, styrofoam and abandoned buoys. “It’s a project to show the everyday person how much garbage is coming up on the beaches. I aim to grab people with the power of the sculptures, which are beautiful and then become horrifying,” said Angela Pozzi, an artist and educator at the Washed Ashore organization based in Bandon, Oregon. Continue reading for more.

“Once the plastic washes back up on the beach, it’s fair game for Washed Ashore to use in its sculptures. Angela is the brain behind the project, designing the sculptures, leading school workshops, and manning the open-house workshops. The sculptures’ construction is truly a community effort, with volunteers collecting trash from the beach, cleaning it, sorting it, and then building the sculptures together,” according to Ocean Portal. All images in the gallery above are clickable and lead to the full-size gallery.


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