Reef Bottle Opener

The Reef appears to be just another sandal you’d see at the beach, but try opening a bottle with it? You’ll find a concealed bottle opener that allows you to pop the top right off. That’s right, their classic Fanning design has been equipped with a durable fully-functional bottle opener, while still retaining the molded EVA sole with added arch support as well as a quick-drying synthetic nubuck strap. Product page. Continue reading for a video overview and more information.

“Named after famed Australian surf legend Mick Fanning, these are the ultimate in beverage footwear, just watch out for the poo. I found that the sandals were easy to use without even taking them off. It just takes a little practice of bending your knee, and pop, your ready for consumption. Also both sandals have the bottle opener in them so lefties are not left out,” says Multineer Magazine. More information.

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