Lightsaber Laser Bazooka

Photo credit: Xavier Aaronson

Drake Anthony, better known as “Styropyro” on YouTube, is a chemist who transforms old technology into homemade lightsabers and laser bazookas. That’s right, he managed to build the latter using DLP television projectors and lithium ion batteries. “When I was 12, I learned about lasers in science class. And it was you know, very very simple terms, but I found this stuff interesting and so I went home and did some reading online,” said Anthony. Continue reading for a video on his laser telescope and more information.

“I’ve taken some laser beams on the hand and I even have a few little scars and burns from working with it, but that’s nothing compared to taking a laser in the eye. I had some close calls with my I was doing my early chemistry experiment, that’s for sure. But at least on the laser side of things, I didn’t I didn’t get anything massive,” adds Anthony.

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