Windex fans rejoice! This simple hack will enable you to use every last ounce of liquid in a spray bottle, without needing to open the top and pour the last few ounces out. Simply put as possible, “by replacing the hard suction tube with flexible tubing and adding a weight to the end of it, the suction tube will naturally fall to the lowest point of the container; this will allow end of the tube to stay submerged regardless of how the bottle is positioned.” Continue reading for a video tutorial and more information.

Spray bottles are iconic household items. Whether you are spraying cleaners on a counter top or misting water on your plants, they are quite useful but they have some limitations. They can only operate when the end of the suction tube is submerged in the liquid. They have no problem as long the bottle is full and held upright. But if the fluid gets low or if you try to spray something at an angle, the sprayer might stop working. So, I figured out a simple modification that will let them function in any orientation.