LEGO Super Star Destroyer

The LEGO Super Star Destroyer is a behometh of a set, coming in at a whopping 3,152-pieces, but what if you decide to crash one into a wall at 67mph? Brothers David and Henrik Windestal, who live outside Toreboda in Sweden, decided to find out. After spending countless hours building the Destroyer, they attached it to a ‘rocket sled,’ capable of accelerating the craft to 67mph. Henrik is quite excited that the Destroyer explodes into ‘a big pile of LEGO pieces everywhere,” while David said the outcome was far better than previous projects they worked on together. Continue reading for a speed build video and more information.

“Towards the end of the video the pair also excitedly watch a slow-mo version of the crash which gives the full extent of the smash. It seems the only thing better than building a gigantic Lego structure is watching it get unnecessarily blasted to bits,” reports The Daily Mail.

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