Now that you’ve seen some of the strangest toy knockoffs from China, here’s yet another item to add to the ever-growing list of things not to buy from the country: walnuts. On the outside, it looks to be fairly normal, and even holding one in your hand probably won’t fool most people, but it’s entirely different story once they’re cracked open. Continue reading to see why.

Currently, there are photos making rounds on the internet showing normal-looking walnuts that when cracked open, reveal a very hard filling – concrete pebbles. According to Ministry of Tofu, these fake walnuts were bought by a certain Mr. Li, last February, from a street vendor in Zhengzou, Henan province. When he got home and started cracking them, he noticed that instead of a meaty seed, many were actually filled with concrete pebbles wrapped in tissue. Many vendors are trying to maximize their profits by meticulously removing the hard shell, taking out the nutmeat, replacing it with concrete and tissue, and then gluing it shut – they can shell the nuts and the seeds separately.


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