Poo Wi Fi

Let’s face it, not all dog owners pick up after their pets, but “Poo Wi-fi” aims to change that. Mexico-based internet portal Terra has teamed up with ad agency DDB to create a machine that offers a free Wi-Fi in exchange for dog poop. In other words, people are rewarded with a number of free Wi-Fi minutes – depends on weight – for dropping off poop. Don’t think that throwing anything into the machine will work because there is an actual attendant that hands out the bags and watches over what people put in them. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Oddity Central says, “Time will tell if Poo Wifi actually makes people more responsible, but it’s definitely one of the most ingenious projects to come out in a while. Their video is also pretty cool. I particularly liked the part where a guy is actually massaging his dog�s belly hoping he’ll poo so he can send a quick email.”