30 Foot Home

Almost nobody likes being tied down to one place, especially with a mortgage to boot. So, Colorado-based Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses has just the solution for you: 30-foot homes. That’s right, these tiny $63,000 homes look small, but offer more space and amenities than you’d expect, including a bath / shower, dishwasher, and enough room for up to six people. It sits on a 9.1 m (30 ft) trailer, and can be towed by a large car or standard truck. Continue reading for a video, more pictures and additional information.

“The home was part-built using reclaimed wood and sports plenty of windows and a comparatively generous lounge area, with a folding table, a worktop, a wood-burning stove, and seating for up to six people. Its two loft spaces are suitable for use as sleeping areas, and one loft is accessed via a staircase that contains integrated storage space. Toward the rear of the home is a good-sized kid’s bedroom with a fold-down Murphy Bed,” according to Gizmag.

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