Toasters, like all other gadgets, stop working eventually, but these examples have been given second life as functional game systems and even a computer. Continue reading to see more.

NES Toaster

At first glance, it may look like a standard toaster, but insert an NES cartridge and you’ve got a functional game console. Features include: front lever wired to turn console on/off, A/V jacks, LEDs, and two controller ports.

Toaster Computer

Based on a “Black & Decker Toast-It-All 4-Slice Toaster enclosure”, this toaster computer features a dual-core processor and Wi-Fi. That’s not all, it makes use of a cooling method — dubbed the “Passive Laxative Copper Cooler Concept”, which replaces the main fan.

SNES Toaster

A modder managed to gut the pictured toaster and cram the internals of a Super Nintendo inside. To play a game, simply insert a game into the toast slot, press down on the lever, and you’re ready to go.