Sure, any gamer could go to the store and pick up a PS Vita or Nintendo 3DS, but what fun would that be when they’ve got the skills to build their own custom portable gaming systems? We’ve rounded up the ten coolest custom-built portable gaming systems for your viewing enjoyment. Continue reading to see them all.

10. Supertendo

For a Nintendo DS-quality SNES portable that features a 5-inch LCD display, integrated speakers, and headphone jack, look no further than Supertendo. What really sets this one apart, however, is the vacuum-formed chassis and the instant “make me an offer” move to a sale, we like to see a guy who’s out for a buck.

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9. Dreamcast Tablet

When is a SEGA Dreamcast not just a SEGA Dreamcast? When it’s converted into a fully-functional, portable tablet system. Best of all, it “also boasts external A/V connections, so you can always hook it up to a TV should you be so inclined.” Sloppy Ben Heck apostles should take note, as this tablet follows the two core precepts of console modding: 1.) It is usable, and somehow better than the original.

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8. IntoGrafx

Why bother getting a G2PX Wiz to play TurboGrafx games on-the-go, when you’ve got the skills to build your own custom portable version, like gamer “Bacteria”. Called IntoGrafx, this device allows you to play TurboGrafx and PC-Engine HUcard games, using original hardware and original game carts – not emulation.” The casing was from Bacteria’s own vacuum forming process: the system is comfortable to use and the buttons are all positioned where your fingers rest on the system.


4. NCube

Built by hailrazer of Ben Heck’s forums, the NCube originally started out as a Datamax Kid’s Delight toy, which was then gutted and fitted with GameCube internals along with a PSOne display. The memory card slot was relocated to the top of the console, while the disc Drive found a new home with ffc extensions — 2-way switch for running off batteries or wall. This project took about 90-hours of work, more or less.


6. N64Boy Advance

Anyone that stood in line for hours in hopes of getting an N64 on launch day might savor at the thought of a portable version that is no larger than a Game Boy Advance. For non-gamers, Hailrazer’s N64Boy Advance is an awesome custom console nonetheless.

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5. PS2 Portable

Built by ModRetro member techknott, this beautiful PlayStation 2 portable features a PS One display, custom-machined case, USB / headphone ports, and dual analog sticks. Hopefully, we see a PS3 Portable sooner that looks as sleek as this sooner than later.

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4. Portable NES Cartridge

File this under: custom portable gaming system and/or arcade machine. Instructables user “danny32412” was tired of the bulky NES system, so he used an old cartridge and a special miniature chip to create the ultimate custom console. Unfortunately, there isn’t an integrated display for gaming on the go.

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3. Atari 2600 Portable

Built by Ben Heck forum member “Mario”, this Atari 2600 portable features a 3.5-inch LCD, two Game Boy Advance SP batteries, and a functional cartridge slot. We’d go as far as saying that this custom game console should definitely be considered for worldwide release (limited edition).

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2. D64

Built by David Jackson of the Modded by Bacteria forums, this isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill N64 Portable, as it features multi-player support in the form of a dongle. Other features include, a top-loading cartridge slot and custom metallic paint job.

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1. Electus 64

Created by modder slipstream on the Modded by Bacteria forum, the Electus 64 is most definitely the most stylish portable N64 that we’ve ever come across. According to Technabob, “the mod also has built-in controller ports and there are heatsinks and a fan inside to keep things cool; the 4.3″ screen has both 16:9 and 4:3 modes, but it also has video and audio out ports if you want to play on a bigger screen.”



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