Not all chairs are boring, check out our list of the “Top 10 Strangest Chairs”. Which ones are your favorites?

10. Multimedia Chair

Hammacher Schlemmer’s “Multimedia Chair” just might be the ultimate gaming accessory, offering two 50-watt speakers (built into headrest), a 300-watt amp (concealed in chair base), and a sound transducer — “the same technology originally used in multimillion dollar USAF flight simulators and theme park rides” — that converts low-frequency sounds into vibrations. One drawback, it costs $799.95. [Source]

9. NES Chair

This nifty chair cost only $40 to make and a “whole lot of stitching with a heavy duty needle”. Unfortunately, no instructions were provided on how to build your own. [Source 1 | 2]

8. iChair

Just what we need, another iPod accessory. The iChair does deserve some credit though, it features two speakers, a subwoofer, iPod pocket, and a nice integrated control panel by your right hand. It’s solidly constructed with a wood frame (weighted base) and sleek faux suede trim. [Source]

7. DIY Game Chair

Here’s a low-budget game chair that can be built “with parts from the junkyard”. Additional information here.[Source 1 | 2]

6. Armed “Movie” Chair

The Armed “Movie” Chair” features integrated motion simulators designed to work with over 450 DVDs. In addition to the 2D/3D synchronized vibrations/motions, this chair is capable of reaching a maximum acceleration of 2Gs. It retails at a whopping $12,000 USD. More info can be found here.

A team of motion artists have sat through each movie, frame-by-frame, creating the appropriate motion codes


5. Inflatable Massage Chair

Here’s a first: a bargain-priced inflatable massage chair that can be taken anywhere. This massage chair includes three intensity levels, nine functions, timer control, repair kit, and remote. The electric pump (included) inflates this chair in just one minute.

“Aches and pains will be a thing of the past with this magic chair. Never has something inflatable provided so much pleasure.”


4. Tank Chair

For a chair that can go anywhere, look no furthur than the Tank Chair. This custom off-road chair “conquers streams, mud, snow, sand, gravel — allowing you to get back to nature — and can also climb up and down stairs”. It features motors built by NPC Robotics, no word yet on pricing. Video clips here.[Source]

3. Shotgun Shell Chair

This “Shotgun Shell Chair” features “over 450 .12 gauge shotgun shells” — “the brass tips create a massaging texture on the top of the chair, much contrary of their intended use”. [Source]

2. 4,000 AOL CD Chair

Aptly named the “AOL Throne”, it’s made from “4000 CDs, weighs at least 150 pounds, barely fits through doors, and plugs into an electical outlet”. [Source]

1. Robotic Chair

How about a chair (remote controlled) that can put itself back together? That’s right, the D’Andrea Group has created a nifty robotic chair that can break apart — for easy transportation — and reconstruct itself within two minutes. [Source](Thanks,