Our editors decided to change it up this weekend and list the “Top 12 Coolest LCD Displays and Setups” rather then strangest. If we missed any, please leave us a comment. [ShoutIt]

Ferrari LCD Monitors

Available in black or red colors, these monitors come emblazed with the striking Ferrari logo. The 19-inch model boasts 1280X1024 SXGA resolution, 8ms response time, 500:1 contrast ratio, and 2W stereo speakers. While the 20-inch monitor has 1680X105o WSXGA+ resolution, 800:1 contrast ratio, 8ms response time, and 5W stereo speakers.[Source]

Bacteria Killing LCD Monitor

PC Bank Korea introduces the PBM-978PS, a “Negative Ionization” LCD monitor that features 5ms response time, 1200:1 contrast ratio, and a wide-viewing angle.

From the article: “The well-being aspect of the monitor supplies the environment you are in with negative ions, killing bacteria and protecting your eyes from the monitor.”


BenQ’s Mac Mini LCD Monitor

The FP93V 19″ LCD Monitor features inalog/DVI inputs, 1280X1024 resolution, 8ms response time, 550:1 contrast ratio, 270 cd/m2 brightness, and a place on the stand to set your Mac Mini.[Source]

LCD Monitor with DVD Drive

This compact (4.5kg) 15-inch LCD monitor from Dynaconnective includes a built-in side loading DVD player. It features 350cd/m2 brightness, 500:1 contrast ratio, 16ms response time, and 3Wx2 speakers. Unfortunatley, this monitor only has an analog input. [Source]

Quanext – The Linux Powered LCD TV

Hong Kong-based Quataris will soon release a 19-inch LCD TV that runs on a modified version of SUSE Linux. The QuaNext features an Intel Pentium 4 processor, up to 2GB of DDR memory, 220GB hard drive, CD/DVD combo drive, and 1,440 x 990 resolution. It’s basically a DVD player, computer, and LCD television, all-in-one. [Source]


This person transformed his old 15-inch LCD display into something more pleasing to the eye. Its base was constructed from Lexan and polycarbonate surrounds the panel. Two LEDs were added for a nice glow. [Source]

Sharp’s 2-Way Viewing Angle LCD

With a parallax barrier superimposed on a normal TFT-LCD, these Sharp displays can show different information simultaneously depending on the viewing angle.[Source]

ZenView Command Center Elite

With six 24″ flat panel displays that feature 1920×1200 resolution (5760×2400 combined) and 1000:1 contrast ratio, the ZenView is truly an elite command center. Each panel includes five digital DVI-D inputs, analog RGB/VGA input, and an S-Video input. The only weak link is its price. For $11,999 you can either buy a single large HDTV display or several powerful computers. [Source]

LG’s 100-inch LCD Panel

LG has developed a 100-inch LCD screen that features 6.22 million pixels, 3000:1 contrast ratio, full HD picture quality, and a 180-degree viewing angle. [Source]

Cool Setup – Skunkworks F-117A

This amazing computer was designed for playing flight simulators and as a gaming console. It features three 17-inch LCD monitors, an AMD Athlon 64 FX-55 processor, 1GB(512MBx2) of DDR PC-3200 memory, dual nVidia NX6800-TD256 graphics modules in SLI configuration, and a WD Raptor 74GB 10,000 RPM SATA hard drive. [Source]

Cool Setup – Ultimate Quake 3

How about playing Quake 3 on a 24 monitor wall? Yes, that’s exactly what the guys over at plastk did by running the game on a 12-node Linux cluster with two monitors per server. [Source]

Cool Setup – Wall-O-Monitors

Have a spare wall? “Crazy Jon” from QJ.net did and decided to mount twelve LCD monitors for the ultimate gaming/productivity setup. [Source]


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