With Apple’s yet to be announced iPhone 4G / iPhone HD on the horizon, here are some of the funniest accessories to help get the most out of your 2G, 3G, or 3G S handset. Continue reading to see them all — image above via Walyou.

1. Sausage Stylus

While using a mini sausage-shaped stylus may seem outlandish to most iPhone owners, it’s actually a real product that has been quite a hit in Korea to say the least. It was mainly designed for the colder winter months, when gloves don’t play nice with your handset.

2. Chocolate Bar Case

Aside from smelling like a tasty treat, the Chocolate Bar iPhone case will deter any dieting geeks from thinking about playing with the handset. Plus, it even comes in a cool chocolate bar box that includes one screen protector as well.

3. Pencil iPhone Stand

Roland from Geeky Gadgets wanted to make use of the five extra pencils and four rubber bands laying around the house, so he decided to use them to build a functional iPhone stand. Best of all, it’s “really simple to construct and should only take a few minutes and is completely collapsible.”

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