Before the Nintendo Wii, SEGA Dreamcast, and Atari Jaguar, there was *supposed* to be the SNES CD, SEGA VR, along with the Atari Panther. However, things didn’t quite work out on the development ends, sadly. Continue reading to see the three gaming systems that were never released.


During the height of the SNES’s popularity, Nintendo was in talks with both Philips and Sony to produce a CD-ROM add-on that would expand the console’s gaming library infinitely. Unfortunately, all talks went sour — Philips CD-i and Sony PSX were the results — and Nintendo eventually went on to release the N64 console. A few prototypes, like the one above, did make it to game developers however.


Before Nintendo’s Virtual Boy, there was the SEGA VR, a gaming system that was supposed to have been released in 1994. It featured LCD screens in the visor and built-in stereo headphones. However, due to development problems, the system remained only a prototype, vanishing from all release schedules by late 1994. The video below shows one of the only prototype games that made the cut.

3. Atari Panther

The Atari Panther is so elusive that only a sketch exists of what the prototype purportedly looked like. Featuring “a Motorola 68000 running at 16 MHz, an object processor called the Panther, and an Ensoniq sound processor called Otis, featuring 32 sound channels (presumably a ES5505).” The project was scrapped in favor of the Atari Jaguar.