Despite modders turning their skills towards the Xbox 360 and PS3, it’s always a breath of fresh air to see just how good classic video game consoles can look after an extreme makeover. Continue reading to see three of the most incredible NES case mods we’ve come across over the years.

1. NESTation

The incredible NESTation may look like a PlayStation 2 mod gone wrong from afar, but upon closer inspection, you’ll realize that it’s a fully-customized NES console, with matching controller, vertical stand, and all. One caveat: it doesn’t have a slot-loading cartridge drive, but who needs one anyways, right?


Though done a million times over, the NES PC is one case mod that would still be a nice addition to any Nintendo fan’s collection. This particular model features a “dual-core 1.6Ghz Intel Atom N330, an NVIDIA GeForce9400M on NVIDIA ION chipset and 2GB of DDR2 RAM.”


If you’re an NES fan, you’ve probably seen a few LEGO NES machines by now. However, most of them are not functional. This one, by YouTube user “neilharbin0” is. According to the modder, his creation is an “NES shell or case made entirely out of LEGO bricks — each button on the NES is still visible and integrated just like the original.”