So, you finally got your hands on a brand new iPad, loaded it up with HD apps, and are ready to try something new. Well, here’s three things you should never attempt to do with the device. Continue reading to see them all — inspired by TheWeek.

1. Homepad Derby

Let’s see, you go to Best Buy on opening day, buy one too many iPads and then destroy it right outside the store…That sure sounds like the makings of a viral video hit on YouTube.

2. Golf Clubbin

If getting a scratch on your iPad already sounds too extreme, then you don’t want to see Daniel Tosh taking a golf club to his. Yes, it does get destroyed, but not without putting up a good fight.

3. Scratch Test

Though this iPad is protected with an Invisible Shield, we still don’t recommend scratching it with keys, nails, or a dremel. I mean, there’s always the chance of the protector accidentally coming off…right?