The Apple iPad has been out for over a month now in the US, and you know what that means: cool and custom decals. Whether it be a LEGO Minifig, the Joker, or Snoopy, you’ll find it here. Continue reading to see them all — inspired by Toxel.

1. LEGO Minifig

LEGO fans with iPads rejoice! The LEGO Minifig iPad decal is here. Unfortunately, no other body styles or costumes are offered, though we’re sure some customizing won’t be a problem for some.

2. Joker

We’re not sure whether to label this amazing Joker iPad decal as creepy or just plain cool. So, we’ll stick with creepily cool. The seller says that it’s a “digitally printed and cut vinyl decal, which fits nicely on an iPad to make it look like the Joker is holding the apple.”

3. Snoopy

Even Snoopy is hungry for a snack sooner or later, and that’s why he’s snooping around the iPad tree for a nice tasty apple to munch on. However, it’s gonna cost him, $9.99 to be exact.

4. Headphones

Sure, the iPad may not be the perfect size for listening to music on-the-go, but that hasn’t stopped this person from creating a nifty headphones decal for it. That’s not all, “the cord measures 4″ long and can be cut to size,” according to the seller.

5. Iron Man

No iPad decal list would be complete without Iron Man and his Apple-fied Arc Reactor. Just like Iron Man’s real suit, it’s as durable as can be, since the vinyl sticker only needs to be replaced once every 6-years.