If white sand beaches, blue lagoons, and luxurious over water bungalows are what you dream about on a daily basis, the Hilton Nui Resort in Bora Bora should do the trick. In addition to the 800 meters of white sand beach, geeks can enjoy diving adventures, snorkeling sessions, jet skiing, shark encounters, and a relaxing spa. Continue reading for five more cool places geeks must visit before they die.

5. Devil’s Pool

It’s touted as the world’s most dangerous pool, but despite its reputation, Devil’s Pool has become a hot spot for tourists. This natural body of water is located at the edge of Victoria Falls on Livingstone Island, Zambia. What is most surprising is that the best time to visit is during normally cooler months of September through December, when the rock barrier forms an eddy with minimal current for swimmers to enjoy the body of water.

4. Archipelago Cinema

Unlike other movie theaters, the Archipelago Cinema, located on the shoreline of Yao Noi, Thailand, was specially created for the Film on the Rocks Yao Noi Festival, organized by Tilda Swinton and director Apichatpong Weerasethakul. It was designed by Beijing-based architect Ole Scheeren, and it’s basically a giant auditorium on a glowing raft, made completely with recycled materials.

3. Soneva Kiri Resort

Nestled on the remote Thai island of Kood, the Soneva Kiri resort boasts 42 resort villa and 21 private residences spanning 150 acres of beach and tropical rainforest. What sets it apart from other resorts in the area is its dinning experience. Guests have to prepare themselves to be hoisted 26-feet off the ground into a bamboo pod in a eucalyptus tree, with servers zipping in to bring you and up to three others your food and drink.

2. Lion Sands Game Reserve

The Lion Sands Game Reserve looks to completely revolutionize the safari experience, offering up 5-star resort amenities while still keeping you in connected with nature. Situated on the Sabi Sands game reserve in South Africa, this luxury resort features 3 tree houses and 5 lodges, with rooms that are literally open to the elements.

1. Mile-Low Club

For $284,000 (starting), the Mile-Low Club by UK-based Oliver�s Travels, not only offers an entire dining menu custom made menu to include everything from oysters and caviar to chocolate fondant, but customers can choose to dive wherever their heart desires. However, the Mariana Trench may be off limits….for now, or at least until we make a large enough submarine to withstand the immense pressure at those depths.