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Playing games, listening to music, watching movies and surfing the web, all sound like normal things you’d use an iPad for. However, these people decided to transcend the norms and use the device for some really strange things. Continue reading to see more.

5. Scale

We’re not saying that the iPad can’t safely measure your weight, but you really shouldn’t test its limits, especially at the beginning of a diet program. For those who really don’t care, you’ll be happy to know that even if the screen does crack or shatter, screen replacements will only run you $34.99 on eBay (touchscreen + digitizer) for the iPad 3.

4. Cutting Board

Even with a full-body shield, using your iPad as a cutting board is just asking for damage. For starters, even matte screen protectors provide a much slicker surface than real cutting boards, so the chance of your device falling off the counter while chopping onions is extremely high.

3. Motorcycle GPS

Motorcycle riders know that on most bikes, there really isn’t enough room to safely secure a GPS navigator without a specially-designed mount. Now trying to install an iPad onto a motorcycle should definitely be out of the question, as it could even hinder your riding position.

2. Knife

If you’re actually considering using an iPad as a knife, you better be trying to cut air, as despite its thinness, the casing is nowhere near sharp enough to cut real foods. Let’s just say that using your own hands to karate chop food would probably be a better idea.

1. Wristwatch

Don’t have a real wristwatch, cell phone, or any other way to tell time? Well, we don’t recommend wearing the iPad as a wristwatch, and you can probably see why above. It’s just big and clunky, not to mention gets in the way of just about everything you’re doing.

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