No matter what day of the week, there’s always time for a funny gadget or five to help brighten up your day. Our team has compiled a list of the funniest for your viewing enjoyment. Continue reading to see them all.

1. Gun Mouse

Not your standard computer mouse, the Pistol Mouse is shaped like a real gun and boasts an 800dpi optical sensor. Other features include: aluminum triggers, gecko gel removable grips, and and oversized gecko gel scroll wheel.

2. Buttstation

Getting up for work everyday is hard enough and the last thing you’d want to do is dig around your desk looking for some tape or paper clips. That’s where the Buttstation comes in to save the day. This all-in-one gadget is a tape dispenser, pen / sticky note holder, and paper clip dispenser.

3. Keyboard Waffle Maker

Though this Keyboard Waffle Maker was created for a design exhibition, it’s still the funniest — in a good way — one we’ve ever seen. According to the designer, “the typewriter iron represents the best of reinvention: an obsolete product, minimally modified, is given a completely new function.”

4. French Fry Holder

Enjoying a box of hot and crispy french fries while driving can be messy to say the least. So, that’s why the French Fry Holder was invented. It slips into any standard cup holder and secures a McDonalds-sized box of fries for your eating pleasure.

5. CTRL + ALT + DEL Tool

Though the need to CTRL + ALT + DEL has lessened with Microsoft’s latest version of Windows, this custom tool is still an interesting conversation piece nonetheless. Honestly, it may be harder to use this tool than to actually press the CTRL + ALT + DEL keys with your fingers.