Our editors have compiled a list of five high-tech guns (or gun-equipped devices) for your enjoyment. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. “Continue reading” for the list.

Honorable Mention – .22-Caliber Knife Gun

So you’ve seen the .22-caliber cell phone gun, now check out G.R.A.D., a .22-caliber knife gun.

G.R.A.D. .22 RS Knife gun. holds 5 .22 cal bullets in a revolver type loader. fires with every pull of the trigger on the handle

5. Cornershot

The Cornershot is a “revolutionary weapon system that enables military and law enforcement to effictively observe/engage targets from around the corner/behind cover without exposing any part of the operator’s body “.

4. Autocopter Gunship

The Autocopter Gunship (developed by Neural Robotics) ” is a self-stabilized unmanned mini-helicopter that can be used as an aerial platform in the sky” or weapon.

3. .22-Caliber Cell Phone Gun

As cool as it is ingenious, the Cell Gunphone will give security officials even more to worry about. On the outside, it looks like any other cell phone, but lying beneath the exterior is a .22-caliber pistol that’s capable of firing four rounds in rapid succession. Twist the phone, load up the top half with .22-caliber bullets, and fire away using keys 5-8.

2. Samsung’s $200,000 Machine Gun Sentry Robot

Samsung has partnered with Korea University to develop a machine-gun equipped sentry robot, which consists of “two cameras: one for day-time and one for infrared night vision, zooming capabilities, a speaker for notifying the intruder, sophisticated pattern recognition to detect the difference between humans/trees, and a 5.5mm machine-gun.”

…are expected to sell for $200,00 USD and will be available late in 2007. The South Korean government plans to deploy these friendly reminders on the border between South and North Korea, to further ease relations between the countries

1. Metal Storm Weapons: Million-Plus Rounds Per Minute

O’Dwyer constructed a triple-barrel, a nine-barrel, and a 36-barrel firing prototype design that he lovingly named Bertha. “The reason for the 36 barrels was simply to indicate to ourselves and to others the future versatility of this system, in that with the 36 barrels we had 540 rounds on board and, based on the 45,000-round-per-minute rate per barrel, that gave us a maximum firing rate of 1.62 million rounds per minute,” the inventor says[Source]