Just about everyone who’s played video games in the past 20-years knows of Nintendo’s famous plumber, but not everyone has seen these five Mario creations. Hit the jump to see them all.

Glass Mario

ScrewAttack.com has “taken an hour process [of creating a glass Mario] and wrapped it up in just about 60 seconds.” Though not exactly tech related, it’s still an interesting watch none the less. Clip after the jump. [Source]

Fan-Made Mario 3D Clip

Anders recreated the first stage in Super Mario Bros. — first person perspective — using Maya. Though not of the highest quality, it’s still fun to watch none the less.

For one of my university subjects i had to create a “scene”, the scene I chose to create was the first level from mario as i thought most of my peers would be familiar with it and easy able to offer constructive criticisim

Virtual Reality Super Mario

A group of college students have created a custom version of Super Mario Bros. that is played using VR goggles and special controllers. Unfortunately, no other information has been released — technical specs, pricing, availability, etc.

Stop-Motion Mario Bros. in LEGO

A Nintendo fan created this interesting stop-motion Mario Bros. clip, using just LEGO blocks and accessories.

Funny, I don’t remember guys with swords in Super Mario Bros. or Pong for that matter


Rubik’s Mario Mosaic

Gary Fixler created this incredible Mario Mosaic using only Rubik’s cubes. Now that’s what I call video game art.

Each cube started out solved, and he made the necessary spins to fill out Mario. One word: wow.

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