Our editors have compiled a list of the five most creative uses for the Nintendo DS. Which ones are your favorites?

5. Mac OS 7.5 on Nintendo DS

Lazyone managed to get MAC OS 7.5 running on his Nintendo DS using MiniVMacDS. Just a quick note, you’ll need to “supply your own Macintosh Plus ROM inorder for this to do anything, and [you] must have a device supported by chishm’s FAT library.” Download the program here.

4. Homebrew Nintendo DS Tilt Sensor

This homebrew Nintendo DS tilt sensor makes use of the mini-USB port and allows you to digitally control the system (left/right). Here’s what Adam Frucci of SciFi has to say:

Suffice to say, I won’t be modding my DS Lite to have a tilt-sensor like these inventive chaps. Plugging into the mini-USB port on the back, this homemade sensor doesn’t work the way you would want. It’s digital, so you get two directions: left and right

[Source 12]

3. Nintendo DS Robot

How about turning your Nintendo DS into a fully programmable robot? That’s exactly what the DSRobot kit allows you to do — 20 digital input/outputs, customizable motors/sensors, wireless programming/control, and programmable in C or C++ with devkitpro and a custom library to manage the signals.[Source]

2. Nintendo DS Lite Camera

We first covered this Nintendo DS Lite camera last week, now here are the detailed instructions (w/software) on how to build your own.

…apparently he’s taken a Treva CMOS chipset, done a bit of rewiring, and written software that allows the unit to output images directly to his DS Lite


1. Touchscreen iPod Mod

Ok, so it’s not quite a “touchscreen iPod”, but rather a nifty mod that transforms your Nintendo DS into one — just make sure you get new speakers or headphones. More information.

I’ve just recently started dabbling into Nintendo DS modding, but this one is pretty damn cool. Similar to the MDA iPod clone we saw a while back, this DS version simply emulates the iPod using the bottom touchscreen


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