Our editors have compiled a list of the five most creative uses (mods) for the Wiimote. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. “Continue reading” for the list.

Honorable Mention – 3D Gaming Wiimote Mod

Finally, a programmer managed to get the Wiimote + IR sensor bar working on Mac OS X — uses it to control the “Torque Game Engine”.

5. Wiimote Meets Google Earth

“Chipsdeluxe1” provides us with a short demonstration of him using a Wiimote to control Google Earth. You can download the script here.

4. Wii Drum Machine

Bob Somers managed to turn a Wiimote into a drum machine using this custom script and GlovePIE.

Now if you could just get two Wiimotes running at the same time, along with some sort of foot switch mechanisms for the kick drum and hi-hat, you’d have a full-fledged electronic drum kit. Anyway, we like the graphics of the Wii demo better. But both approaches look like tons o’ fun


3. Wiitar: The Wiimote Guitar

“J5892” demonstrates Wiitar, a custom script that turns two Wiimotes into a guitar. Download script.

First is a little song in the spirit of christmas, then it’s a demonstration of the chords and arpeggios (not sure if that’s the right word)

2. Wiimote + R/C Car = Real-Life Excite Truck

That’s right, a German modder created a custom script for the Wiimote, enabling it to control an R/C car.

the device can now control the forward, reverse, left, and right controls of a remote controlled vehicle sans wires…Apparently, the Bluetooth module within the Wiimote conveys its signals to a laptop, which then passes the movements via a serial port to the actual remote, which in turn beams up the vehicle with instructions


1. Wiimote Controls Entire House

>Put simply, this is the coolest Wiimote mod we’ve come across. LiquidIce managed to create a custom script/interface that allows him to use a Wiimote to control his entire “Smarthome”.

The true mastermind here is the WACI NX control server that sets everything up, and the entire Wii interface can be emulated with a Nokia 770, as shown. The amount of convergence, and the merit of using the Wiimote as a remote controller, is very clever


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