Our editors have compiled a list of the strangest flying gadgets, whether it be a one-man helicopter or 200mph radio-controllet jet, you’ll find it here. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. “Continue reading” for the full list.

5. Autocopter Gunship

The Autocopter Gunship (developed by Neural Robotics) ” is a self-stabilized unmanned mini-helicopter that can be used as an aerial platform in the sky”.

Applications include aerial photography, surveillance, pipeline and utility line inspection, convoy escort, and mine detection

4. World’s Smallest One-Man Helicopter

If flying is your thing, check out the GEN H-4. Powered by 4 x 125cc 2-cylinder engines, the H-4 boasts “2 sets of coaxial, contra-rotating rotors, which eliminates the need for a tail rotor.” Two caveats: you have to build it yourself and it costs $30,000. Product page here.

The GEN H-4 can fly to a maximum altitude of 1000 meters at a top speed of 90 km/hr (59 mph) for up to 30 minutes


3. 200MPH Radio-Controlled Jet

Similar to the F-14 we previously covered, this radio-controlled Gruapner Hotspot Jet is capable of flying at speeds of up to 200MPH — powered by a Jetcat P80 turbine.

2. ESG’s Flying Wings

This device “enables parachutists to fly through the air at high speed before opening their chutes”. ESG is planning on adding small turbo jets to even furthur increase the range. [Source]

1. $25,000 Flying Motorcycle

Larry Neal, a former test pilot, created this flying motorcycle “called the Super Sky Cycle ” — “a cross between a motorcycle and an autogyro”.

The flying bike goes as fast as 70 mph in the air and 60 mph on the road, and sells for around $25 grand!


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