Our editors have compiled a list of the “Top 5 Strangest (or Coolest) Laser Projects” for your enjoyment. Which ones are your favorites? (Thanks, Zipped)

5. Functional Hard Drive Oscilloscope

This strange project uses a laser mounted on the HDD’s body to produce an oscilloscope effect — when the output is bounced off a mirror.

We have all seen an oscilloscope hooked up to a speaker output to allow us to “watch” the music. Well now you can see a standard oscilloscope and a Hard Drive Oscilloscope side by side!


4. Home Built Laser Projector

For those who’ve always wanted a professional grade laser projector, check out this nifty home built version.

The most important component used for laser projectors is the laser unit, He-Ne laser had been used in early days, multi-colored mixed gas laser is currently used for high end laser projector and solid state laser is one of the brand-new laser device that has been recently used. However the laser unit was very expensive and junk He-Ne gas laser cannot be modulated directly, so that I could not resolve to obtain the laser unit with a modulator


3. Smart Laser-Scanner

This “Smart Laser-Scanner for 3D Human-Machine Interface” is capable of tracking fingers in three-dimensions and in real-time. It was developed by A. Cassinelli, S. Perrin, and M. Ishikawa from the Ishikawa-Namika Lab (University of Tokyo).

2. Laser Saber

For those with either a red and/or green laser pointer from Wicked Lasers, check out this “Laser Saber” accessory. It features a 38.75-inch long radiant strong polycarbonate blade and a solid 9.5-inch hilt.

1. iPod-Controlled Laser System

This battery-operated laser system can be controlled using any audio device — including your iPod, computer, etc. — ” for the ultimate sound to light experience in your own home”. [Source]

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