Apple reported record profits, thanks to the iPad and iPhone, but what if you used the former in ways not intended? Well, you’ll have to continue reading to see five of the strangest examples — image above via PhotoFind.

1. Dinner Plate iPad

Want a quick way to ruin your iPad? Then you can use it as a dinner plate, like this owner. Sure, there’s an Invisible Shield protecting the exterior, but just imagine the mess a plate of curry would leave on the device.

2. iPad Syte Shirt

Priced from $49.95, the Syte Shirt lets you carry your iPad around like a prized jewel. That’s right, it has “a slit on the inside for sliding your tablet into, and there’s a window on the front that enables the wearer to fully interact with the tablet without you having to disrobe.”

3. iTar iPad Guitar

Called the Mantaray iTar, this accessory turns your iPad into a fully-functional guitar. It was originally “created from a number of different apps and of course gadgetry.; it utilizes Aurora Sound Studio and Kaoss pad.”

4. iPad Smoothie

Normally, blending any gadget, whether it be an iPad or a broken cell phone, would result in disaster. Thanks to Blendtec’s ultra powerful blender, you can now make an iPad smoothie in the comfort of your very own home…just don’t breathe the dust.

5. iPad Magic

Magic is strange and mysterious by itself, but when performed with an iPad, it’s just downright geeky. Shinya from Japan spends nearly 3-minutes of his time showing just what the iPad is capable of using a custom-built application just for magic.

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