By popular demand, our editors have compiled a list of the top five Windows trips and tricks. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. “Continue reading” for the list.

How to: Speed up Windows

“Gudimov” shows us how to speed up Windows by optimizing your Windows swap file. For those who’ve tried it, does this trick work?

How to: Make Web Pages Load “Lightning” Fast

“T.C.” shows us how to tweak IE/FireFox to make web pages load “lightning” fast. If you have any other tips, please leave us a comment.

A must-see tweak for FireFox and Internet Explorer users. Most browsers are configured for dial-up. Tweak the settings more to boost surfing speeds and minimize page load times

How to: Make Windows XP Boot Faster

“G” shows us how to make Windows XP boot faster by tweaking prefetch values in the registry. If you’ve tried this, does it work? More information here. Here’s how prefetch works (courtesy of Intelliadmin):

Yesterday you used MS Word, and Duke Nukem 3D. Today you boot your system to check e-mail. It sees parts of these two programs in the prefetch folder and loads them into memory before windows completes the boot process. The benefit is faster application launch times. If you really wanted to use MS Word, it would pop up really quick when you double clicked on it

Quick PC Shutdown

This interesting video shows you how to assign the “Shut Down PC” function to an icon. If you’ve found any other creative ways to use this trick, please leave us a comment.

How to: Optimize Windows’ Memory

“Swhb” shows us how to optimize Win XP’s memory with just one click. If you’ve tried this, please let us know if it helps performance.