Uber Engineer Coast to Coast Self Driving Car
Anthony Levandowski, a former Google and Uber engineer, has completed what he claims is the first US coast-to-coast drive completed entirely by self-driving technology. The 3,099 mile journey between San Francisco and New York was made in October, with him only taking charge of his vehicle to refuel and stop overnight. “I’ve admittedly grown frustrated  –  and at times impatient  – with the industry’s inability to deliver on its promises,” said Levandowski. Read more for a time-lapse video of his journey and additional information.

The timelapse video above shows a five-day journey across 13 states in a Toyota Prius, and the car mainly travels on major roads, with no city or town centers to navigate. Levandowski touts his company’s technology as a highly-capable “level 2” system, meaning that the car can accelerate, brake and steer, but with human supervision.

“The self-driving industry has gotten two key things wrong: it’s been focused on achieving the dream of fully-autonomous driving straight from manual vehicle operation, and it has chased this false dream with crutch technologies,” adds Levandowski.

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