US News has released its annual college rankings list, and the top five national universities are: Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, and Stanford. However, CS monitor has compiled a list of the five best value schools. Continue reading to see them all.

1. Yale

But in terms of value, it grabbed top billing – and no wonder. Although the New Haven, Conn., university extends need-based grants to just 54 percent of its undergraduates, it has the most generous need-based grants, covering an average 73 percent of total costs.

2. Harvard

In overall quality, Harvard ranked No. 1 in the US News ranking of universities. And with a huge $26 billion endowment, it extends need-based financial grants to 60 percent of its undergraduates, which covers on average 72 percent of total annual costs.

3. Princeton

Tuition and fees run $36,640 a year, which over the years has fueled an institution that has hosted some pretty famous people over the years, from Albert Einstein to former economics professor Ben Bernanke. The school offers need-based grants to 59 percent of its 5,100 undergraduates.

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT’s tuition and fees total $39,212, which are the highest among the Top 5 value universities. But the engineering powerhouse offers need-based grants to 62 percent of their students, which is also the highest percentage of any of the Top 5 universities.

5. Stanford University

Stanford gives 49 percent of its students need-based grants, the lowest share of the Top 5 value universities, according to the US News college rankings. And it has the second-highest tuition and fees: $39,201.