If you like making things, then check out our list of useful gadgets you can build yourself — includes $300 projector music synching alarm clock, and more. Which ones are your favorites?

DIY Music Synching Orb Light Alarm Clock

File this under: “Cool DIY Gagdets” Our friends over at Zedomax have created a music-synching orb light alarm clock that basically consists of parts you can buy at your local electronics store. Instructions.

We wanted to create a Light Orb that would be a mix of Light Orb, some cheap Piezo music, and an alarm clock. We figured these would do very good Christmas presents for our friends and family


SIXAXIS Controller

File this under: “Strange Game Controllers” The guys over at Zedomax have built a motion-controlled SIXAXIS controller crammed inside a model plane. Instructions.

Moreover, the propeller even kicks it into high gear to simulate the thrill of the flight in the comfort (and safety) of your own room. While the list of hardware (and background knowledge) necessary to create this thing is far too long to cover here, you can get your feet wet with a Cubloc controller, an accelerometer, and about 40 hours (or more) of unused vacation


$300 Projector

For those who missed out on this tutorial the first time around: Tom’s Hardware shows you how to build an XGA projector with 3,500 ANSI lumens for just $300 — or less.

They took apart a $200 15-inch iiyama LCD, placed it onto a $50 Liesegang overhead projector, and voila, you’ve got a six-foot display on the wall. It’s probably the cheapest way to possible get in on that large screen TV action


DIY Notebook

In this classic Tom’s Hardware article, the team shows how you can build your own “dream notebook” using off-the-shelf components. Full instructions here.

…the THG DIY notebook can hold its own well in most disciplines against an off-the-shelf system. As far as battery life is concerned, our DIY-system is not really what we would call a top performer

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