You read that right, a brand new mind-blowing 3D printer robot system can recreate famous classic paintings, right down to the ink drops. It was created by Dutch researcher Tim Zaman, and consists of “two cameras and fringe projection to scan the surface of a painting – an exact reproduction is then generated with a high-resolution 3D printer.” The replicas retain all of the original surface texture, paint build-up and every brushstroke. Continue reading for two videos and more information.

Here’s what Web Urbanist has to say about this innovative printing system:

The 3-D imaging method used to create the prints yields an enormous depth map while also capturing exact color. The resulting print has a resolution of 50 microns, easily fooling the average observer into thinking it’s an original.

Look closely and you’ll see the tiny drops, painted mechanically with the nozzle. “We noticed that things like glossiness and transparency that are in each painting are very distinguishing in the original, and we are not yet able to reproduce.”