Jerome Jarre Vine

Jerome Jarre has spent the last few years becoming a Vine legend, six seconds at a time. He currently has 7.5 million followers and counting, which was enough for him to co-found his own ad agency, called GrapeStory. His popularity attracted teh attention of a top-ranking New York firm, who then offered Jarre $1-million dollars to work on ad campaigns with them, as well as live in the city for a year. While most people would have easily signed on to that offer without second thought, Jerome had other things in mind, especially after the French born internet sensation grew up with a struggling single mother. Continue reading to watch his appearance on Ellen.

“As a teen and young adult, Jarre fell into the habit of constant partying and found himself ‘completely unhappy with life,’ at which point he decided to hit the ‘reset’ button by making the gutsy move to drop out of business school and buy a one-way ticket to China. While there, he learned English and met a friend who changed his entire life philosophy by asking him the compelling question…’Imagine you’re 99 years old and on your death bed. If you had a chance to come back to right now, what would you do?’ Viewing life from this angle inspired Jarre to begin living one adventure at a time, constantly forcing himself outside of his comfort zone while backpacking the world,” says MTV.