Volmate Car Charger

Volmate’s 6.6A / 33W Portable 3-Port USB Car Charger is currently being offered for just $10.98 with coupon code: V66A8OFF, today only, originally priced at $59.98. This charger can power a tablet, smartphone, and any other USB powered device, simultaneously. No similar devices on the market can offer this much charging power. Product page. – make sure you enter coupon code: V66A8OFF at checkout for the additional $8 discount. Continue reading for more images and information.

Notable features:

  • Each USB Port has its own microchip that detects the device plugged into through USB PIN signals, which gives output at full power and full charging speed (Total 6.6A output).
  • Use your existing USB charging cables to charge most USB powered devices; Easy-to-see LED confirms whether USB charger is properly connected.
  • Charge your devices simultaneously 33W / 6.6A (Shared by three ports: 2.4A, 2.1A, 2.1A). Please note that ports are specially designed for the recommended device but it can also charge many other devices at the full speed.
  • Sophisticated circuit design with over-heated, over-current, over-charging protection. Charging will be automatically stop when battery is full.
  • Smart charge at maximum speed limited by devices or USB ports, automatically stops when the device battery is full. A Soft Internal LED power indicator is lit to show that car charger is ready for use or is charging.

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Automatically stops charging when there is a danger of overcharging or lower/over voltage. It’s made from fire proof materials for your safety. It does not affect radio, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signals inside your car at all. More information.