Volocopter 2X Air Taxi Airport
The Volocopter 2X, a multi-rotor aircraft, is officially the first air taxi to take off from an International Airport, or Helsinki International Airport to be specific. Unlike other test flights, this one was fully integrated with the airport’s Air Traffic (ATM) and Unmanned Aircraft Traffic Management (UTM) systems. Their latest model features 18 rotors and a full stabilization system that enables it to carry two passengers plus hand luggage at up to 68 mph. Read more for a video and additional information.

The aircraft performed a series of tests with three different leading UTM service providers, namely AirMap, Altitude Angel and Unifly. These providers were tested for compatibility, functionality and usability. Volocopter integrated the necessary software as well as hardware (position report sensor) to perform different test scenarios including ground tests, unmanned and piloted flights.

“The [Golf of Finland] U-space flight trial demonstrated how ATM and UTM can act in combination to enable safe and efficient air taxi operation in urban environments, including airports,” said the company in a press release.


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