TechEBlog is looking for a few seasoned tech bloggers to contribute stories, reviews, videos, and more to kickoff the launch of our new site. All approved stories will have a link back to your own blog, which is a great way for you to gain exposure. Continue reading for the guest blogger requirements:

Before Sending in a Story

* You must have at least 3 months worth of stories on your own blog to serve as a resume — must prove ownership.

Story Guidelines

* Each contributed story must be at least 100 words (without quotes from other sites) and related to tech/gadgets
* Stories must include at least one picture and/or video* Must be original writing, no copying from other sites — small section can be quoted and sourced after the above requirement is met
* We prefer a witty / sarcastic / humorous tone


* At the end of each month, the author/blog owner with the most approved articles will win a small prize (Nintendo DS game, etc.)* Approved story counts reset at the start of each month, they do not carry over


* Beginning July 1st, please send all stories to: contribute [at]


Final approval of stories is up to the TechEBlog staff. We do not guarantee that your article will get posted, despite meeting all the requirements. A maximum of six contributed stories will get posted each day. It may take up to seven days for an approved article to get posted on TechEBlog. Only the authors of approved stories will be notified. Please do not send additional emails asking if your article was approved. Approved stories will include the author’s name and a link back to their own site, below the source.